Closing the opportunity and achievement gap and breaking the cycle of poverty.


Mitigating and adapting to climate change and promoting innovations in energy generation and usage.


Investing in community movements that inform and engage all people in a thriving Democracy.

The Stolte Family Foundation understands that a healthy democracy and engaged communities will result in better outcomes for the environment and our children. Their investment in the Washington Progress Fund has expanded the ability of communities to exercise their voices in the policymaking process.
— Sarah Jaynes, Executive Director, Washington Progress Fund
In addition to their generous financial support, we appreciate the personal involvement of the Stolte Family Foundation in understanding our work, our challenges, our successes, and our failures. They’re great partners and companions in our journey toward a more just world.
— Mark Okazaki, Executive Director, Neighborhood House
The Stolte Family Foundation’s investment in our ongoing strategy reflects an understanding that system change is the best way to achieve equity. We’re so grateful for our partnership with the Foundation. Together with doctors and families, we know that we’re making a real difference for young children and their futures.
— Jill Sells, Executive Director, Reach Out & Read Washington
We’re honored to partner with the Stolte Family Foundation in working to help the children in our community most impacted by the education opportunity gap succeed in school and beyond. The SFF listens to and learns from the community and their grantees. Their background in education grounds their work, and their support is helping us reach our goal of doubling the number of students we serve in our region by 2020.
— Maureen Massey, Executive Director, Team Read
The Stolte Family Foundation is truly a great example of modern philanthropy. Chris and Heidi approach relationship building with intention and have been deliberate about building an impact-driven plan, shaped with critical community input. We’re proud to be their partner in designing and executing a philanthropic vision to make greater Seattle a vibrant community for all.
— Tony Mestres, President/CEO, Seattle Foundation
The value of our partnership with the Stolte Family Foundation is having a space to talk about youth development and education through the lens of race, equity, and social justice. It’s refreshing to work with a foundation that’s open to having these discussions and being a thought partner with the VFA as we work through these complicated issues.
— James Hong, Executive Director, Vietnamese Friendship Association
Our partnership with the Stolte Family Foundation has allowed us to build MathWays for the early learning program from the ground up. We place tremendous value in the meetings we have with SFF representatives, who continue to ask excellent questions and challenge our thinking around the program, resulting in program improvement and organizational growth.
— Julie Marl, Executive Director, Zeno
Support from the Stolte Family Foundation has made it possible to not only build a new podcast focused on how we all live in a climate-changed world but to convene a conversation among our listeners that extends beyond their earbuds. I’m looking forward to doing more in-person events with listeners of the ‘terrestrial’ podcast in the Puget Sound region and beyond. Creating a new show isn't just about growing listenership, it’s about building community, and that's what we've been able to focus on thanks to the Stolte Family Foundation’s support.
— Ashley Ahearn, KUOW Environment Reporter and Host of ‘terrestrial’
We’re truly grateful for the Stolte Family Foundation’s partnership with Climate Solutions as we accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to an equitable, clean energy economy in the Northwest. Your support is helping to establish the Northwest as a global leader in addressing the climate crisis. Thank you.
— Gregg Small, Executive Director, Climate Solutions
At Para Los Niños, we like to say that we work with love and organize from the heart. Many funders only operate from the head, but the Stolte Family Foundation has combined head and heart to support our organization and embrace our community. SFF members have crossed cultural and language borders to understand our approach and our work. We appreciate their willingness to listen and learn, trusting us as experts in our community’s challenges and needs.
— Lupita Torrez, Executive Director, Para Los Niños